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Improve the Efficiency of Your Small Business with a Virtual Office

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By Barbara Beauregard   |    August 1, 2014   |    12:42 PM

How a Virtual Office Can Benefit Your Small Business

There’s a reason that most larger companies have physical office spaces, usually in the premier areas of their selected cities. These locations do more than provide a place to meet guests or receive deliveries. They also add a level of prestige to the company, a way to brand themselves as established businesses.

For smaller businesses just starting out, the costs associated with having a physical location, including rent, furniture and office equipment, are often too high. So how does a small business create a professional image with limited funds? A virtual office may be the answer.

Location, Location, Location

Many small business owners, especially attorneys and real estate agents, may work out of their home. Yet meeting clients at these locations are neither professional nor often feasible. Plus, their work location may be far out of the city in the suburbs. A virtual office allows business owners to have a “downtown” address so they can easily meet clients closer to where they are actually located.

Putting Out a Professional Image

A coffee shop or living room doesn’t really make a statement for a business. A physical location with a reception area, lounges and offices does. Offices provide the opportunity for a business to do a little “marketing”. A physical location shows that a business is established and doing well. If potential clients feel that a business is successful, they’re more likely to buy products or use the services of the company.

Giving Employees Time to Actually Do Work

Generally, a small business doesn’t have that many employees. If these precious resources are constantly having to answer phone calls, sign for deliveries and perform reception duties, then this can take away from them actually getting their real work done.

Most virtual office locations offer reception services, which will answer phone calls, greet guests and sign for deliveries. This will free up employees and business owners alike to actually do the work that can help grow the business.

Consistent Meeting Places

One of the most useful aspects of any office is conference rooms. These spaces have everything that a company needs to give presentations, brainstorm and discuss company business. Conference rooms can often fit 10 or more people.

A small business can’t always rely on restaurants or similar spots for meetings, especially with larger groups. A virtual office space often has conference rooms that can be rented on an as-needed basis for meetings and presentations. They have all the technology and amenities required to impress corporate colleagues and clients.

The real benefit of virtual offices is that a business only pays for what they need or the times that they use the conference room spaces, saving a significant amount of money over traditional office spaces. A virtual office lets small businesses have all the benefits of a larger business, but in a form that these businesses can afford.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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